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Digger Phelps Is Tired Of Kentucky Fans' Bullshit; Kentucky Fans Tell Him To Go To Hell

Kentucky basketball fans have invaded Nashville in an attempt to overwhelm Vanderbilt fans ahead of today's matchup between the Wildcats and Commodores, one which ESPN chose as its College GameDay site of the week. (They're not-so-cleverly calling it "Occupy Memorial.")

Well, ESPN's Digger Phelps just doesn't like that one bit, and admonished UK fans before today's broadcast, earning a round of "Go to hell, Digger!" before going to that tried-and-true anti-adversarial move of bringing out a military veteran to turn the boos into applause. (You might remember NFL commish Roger Goodell trying something similar.)


The whole episode reflects poorly on Phelps, whose purpose on GameDay has been in question for some time now. He doesn't add much in the form of analysis, regularly confuses teams and players, and generally makes a fool of himself. In other words, he's basketball's Lee Corso.

h/t to Stephen/Kentucky Sports Radio

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