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Dimitri Payet Gives Keeper The Business, Literally Injures Him With Sick Dribble Move

Everyone knows about the basketball phrase “breaking one’s ankles,” a metaphorical description for when a defender gets juked so hard by a crossover or the like that, in their spasmodic attempt to stay with the dribbler, they fall over themselves into sad heap of pain and humiliation. Well Dimitri Payet just pulled of a very similar move in a Ligue 1 match against Strasbourg, clowning the keeper so dramatically that the poor net-minder literally hurt himself in the process:

French soccer reporter Mohamed Bouhafsi explains that the injury in question was to a ligament in the keeper’s knee, though it’s unclear as of yet whether it was sprained or torn. Hopefully he’ll soon be on the pitch again, his pride more bruised than his physical body.

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