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Dion Waiters Escaped The Matrix

Here’s an unintentionally hilarious tweet that the official Twitter account of NBA referees just sent regarding the cascade of snafus that marred the end of last night’s Thunder-Spurs game:


“The end of game inbound foul in #OKCvsSAS was one we’ve never seen before” is funny on its own merits, but it is made doubly so by the fact that Dion Waiters is the crazy bastard who committed the foul.

Of course it was Dion Waiters, who has never once in his career worried about things like sense and reality. This is the dude who thinks “I once scored 24 points in a game” is a valid form of flexing, and who has spent countless possessions begging much better players to just pass him the damn ball already.

Only a man like this could undermine an NBA playoff game in such a wonderfully stupid way. NBA referees have been exposed to more ill-advised basketball maneuvers than any other group of people on this damn planet, and yet a bunch of them had their brains frozen by the boneheaded ingenuity of Waiters’s forearm shiver. You have to admire it, really. While the rest of the NBA worries itself over who’s playing chess and who’s playing checkers, Dion Waiters is eating all the pawns and yelling, “King me!”


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