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Cristal Taylor has given her first jailhouse interview, stating that yes, she was engaged to Dirk Nowitzki; no, he hasn't called; and you bet your ass, she's pregnant.

The pregnancy claim, like most of her life story, is unverifiable. (Thanks for nothing, Patriot Act!) However, we do choose to believe that Dirk was her only source of income, but currently wants nothing to do with her and has made no attempt to contact her since she was arrested in his home back on May 6. She is accused, among other things, of defrauding a dentist to the tune of $10,000 in free tooth work. That's a lot of fluoride.


There is one other point of fact that she wants to be made perfectly clear—Taylor says she was not a stripper! She merely worked in a strip club, as a waitress, using one of her many assumed aliases. Come on, guys. What do you take her for?

Cristal Taylor tells DMN she's pregnant with Dirk Nowitzki's child [Dallas Morning News]

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