Disgraced, Soon-To-Be-Former Navajo Nation President Attends 'Skins Game

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As part of his campaign to convince you that his team's name isn't racist, Dan Snyder took in today's game with Ben Shelly, president of the Navajo Nation. Once again, Dan probably should have done a little more research.

Shelly is technically still president, but not for much longer. He got absolutely trounced in August's primary election, finishing seventh.


Shelly's a lame duck, and he'll be out of office on Jan. 14 when the new president is sworn in.

So how did voters tire of Shelly after just one term?


Said one Navajo/Yankton Sioux activist:

"I think it is unfortunate the Navajo Nation administration of Ben Shelly is so out of step with the Navajo people, particularly, the young people, regarding this issue...I am also alarmed at the underhanded way this event was handled. The other funders were unaware of the Washington Redskins OAF involvement until the day before and Ben Shelly has repeatedly refused to comment on his meeting with Snyder."


Gotta hear both sides; Redskins Facts tweeted a photo of a TV screen: