Do Not Draft Domanick Davis, People

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Those of you who still haven't done their fantasy football drafts, you might want to pay attention, so you don't make the same mistake we've made, oh, twice already.

So you know how you've been keeping Texans running back Domanick Davis on your draft boards, thinking he could be your second running back, even if he does have some slightly injury problems? Well, (lone) Texans blogger Texans Chick says not only is Davis in trouble, he might not even make the 53-man roster.

What most fantasy sites have not been following closely is that Domanick Davis' knee has been a concern for the team, even before the draft. He had arthroscopic surgery before the season, practiced the first day of camp, but had immediate swelling in his knee. He obtained an outside MRI that gave him the good news that there was nothing he had that required another surgery, but that he had a "knee bone bruise" and that his knee may never end up feeling the same as it did prior to the surgery. ... It's handy for a running back to have his knees.


Yeah, see, this is information we could have used a few days ago. And boy, the Texans sure are gonna be fun to watch this year, right?

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