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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

It's perfectly acceptable to vent frustration after a lousy inning of relief pitching. (Fernando Rodney does it all the time.) But here's a lesson to all those up-and-coming pitchers: if you plan to exact physical damage in the dugout bathroom after such an outing, make sure you have an escape route, just in case.


Mobile BayBears reliever Matt Elliott allowed an eighth-inning run against the Montgomery Biscuits, blowing the save. Between innings, he went into the bathroom and swung the door shut with such vigor that the door broke, trapping him inside. The game was delayed for eight minutes as they tried to rescue Elliott from the lavatory, because he was supposed to go back out and pitch the ninth. After a while, they sent out a different pitcher, who gave up the winning run to the Biscuits.

Elliott, meanwhile, was enclosed in the bathroom for a total of 47 minutes. But since he is a male, he probably didn't mind just sitting on the toilet after a rough night, just sitting and pondering the next great sockpuppet opera.

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Thanks for your help on my first weekend, everyone. Except for those who didn't help.

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