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Do Not Taunt Lee Corso

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Nothing's funnier than when someone all prim and proper freaks out live on the air, so everyone's buzzing today about ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso flipping out on two Dallas radio hombres.

And it started so innocently! Corso was telling a kind of boring tale of Burt Reynolds once posing "nude" in Cosmopolitan magazine, when, off-handedly, one of the radio hosts made a joke about Corso posing nude as well. This offended the dignity of a man who puts mascot helmets on his head, and he just lost it.

"You are a big jerk, because of the fact you take a shot at me. Because you inferred the fact that I posed naked. ... I don't appreciate people taking shots and joking at my expense, when I don't do that to anybody else."


(You can here the full exhange here and read the transcript here.) We can't figure out what in the world pissed Corso off so much; maybe he did post nude once? Is there a full-page spread in an AARP magazine somewhere? Is this guy listed on The Bulge Report anywhere?

Corso Cracks Up [Sports By Brooks] (via Mr. Irrelevant)

(Update: This is actually old. But that's OK. It's new to us! A thanks to The Sports Bar & Buffet, by the way.)

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