If you didn't get your fill of quality football from that train wreck at Monster Park last night, worry not: You still have the Notre Dame-Michigan game to look forward to this Saturday. Yes, the 0-2 Fighting Irish travel to the 0-2 Wolverines in a game that has all the intrigue of two 80-year-old men arguing over a woman they met in 1942. It's going to be amazing.

In the midst of depression, you have to admire the fanbases. Tickets on StubHub are still awfully pricey. We're going to be in Seattle this weekend โ€” we actually leave tomorrow night โ€” and the Michigan-ND tickets are still more expensive than the Washington-Ohio State tickets, and that's involving two 2-0 teams. Difference is, though: Tyrone Willingham has a chance to win.

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