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Illustration for article titled Do You See Gray Or Blue In The Vegas Golden Knights Logo?

This is the logo for the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, as you may or may not already know. According to the franchise, the team’s new color scheme features four colors: steel gray, gold, black, and red. But some of us see a different color.


The gray in the above logo, to me, looks blue. I informally polled the Deadspin staff and several of my colleagues also thought the color looks more like a “dusty blue” than gray. Burneko, I think accurately, compared the color combo to the Washington Wizards’ regrettable rebranding:

For the record, the hex code for the Knights’ “steel gray” appears to be #31404A, and you can see here that it’s only a few shades away from blue.

So do you see blue or gray? Please let us know, and share this optical illusion with all of your friends. My family needs a Thanksgiving meal.

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