This is the logo for the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, as you may or may not already know. According to the franchise, the team’s new color scheme features four colors: steel gray, gold, black, and red. But some of us see a different color.


The gray in the above logo, to me, looks blue. I informally polled the Deadspin staff and several of my colleagues also thought the color looks more like a “dusty blue” than gray. Burneko, I think accurately, compared the color combo to the Washington Wizards’ regrettable rebranding:

For the record, the hex code for the Knights’ “steel gray” appears to be #31404A, and you can see here that it’s only a few shades away from blue.

So do you see blue or gray? Please let us know, and share this optical illusion with all of your friends. My family needs a Thanksgiving meal.