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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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He seems kind of slimy. And Eddy Curry is disappointed and horrified by his former employee's actions.


The New York Post updated its original story this morning, finally getting in touch with the Knicks center, who is desperately trying to come back from knee surgery and salvage a career haunted by under-achievement and injuries. He's a little taken aback by the allegations, obviously:

"It's false, and everyone who knows me knows I'm not a racist," he said after the Knicks beat the Hornets in New Orleans. "I've never made a comment like that, playing, or nothing. . . . That's incredible, man."...[Curry] aid last night that Kuchinsky had contacted a friend of his, "and every time, it was something different.First time, it was to curse me out. Second time, it was to apologize. Third time, it was 'If Eddy doesn't call me, I'm going to sue him.' I just never, ever thought it would go past what it did, which was just idle threats, money-or-else kind of stuff."


Curry does have supporters, though.

Best comment so far about the incident? Shaq from his Twitter:

" about eddy curry wow, i gotta go to bed on this one, geez."

Can't wait!

Limo Driver Accuses Knicks Center Curry of Sexual Harassment [NY Post]

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