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Does Jared Dudley Control The Defense With His Communication And Tell His PGs What Plays To Run By Seeing The Flow Of The Game And Who Needs Shots? Is There A Reason Why He's Always Atop The Plus-Minus Of His Team, Is It The Little Things, Screen To Get Guys Open Boxing Out, If I Only Knew?

Jared Dudley was a solid pickup for the Lakers in free agency, but I had some questions lingering in my mind. Just the other day, in fact, I was folding some laundry and wondering whether he’s capable of controlling a defense with communication, telling a point guard what plays to run by seeing the flow of the game and who needs the shots, doing the little things, screening to get guys open boxing out, and so on. If only I knew.

As it turns out:


Thank you so much, Jared.

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