The sucker punch that dropped a Dolphins fan in the parking lot after Sunday's game vs. the Eagles is so brutal that the meathead who threw it should do some time. The sound of head hitting parking lot is chilling. The louder sound of the initial contact may be worse. Hearkens back to the near-death Bryan Stow case. Better be enough to convince anybody who recognizes the cheap-shot artist to call police.

Here's a link to the Miami Gardens PD anonymous tip line. Do the right thing.

Dolphins Fan Knocked Out by Sucker Punch in Stadium Lot Fight (Video) [Miami New Times]

Miami Dolphins Fan Gets KO'd by BRUTAL Sucker Punch (Warning: Graphic Content) 12-DEC-2011 [YouTube]

(UPDATE: The guy who got hit could be wearing an Eagles No. 10 away jersey, but the Miami New Times says Dolphins fan, so I'll stick with that.)