Dolphins Fire Longtime Trainer Mentioned In The Ted Wells Report

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Mort reports that the Dolphins have fired head trainer Kevin O'Neill, who's been in the organization for 18 years. So it's probably not a coincidence that he appeared multiple times in the investigation into the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin saga.


O'Neill is cited as being present when some players made racial insults against an Asian-American assistant trainer. According to the report:

Martin and other players claimed that O'Neill, the head trainer, not only overheard the racist insults, but also sometimes laughed along and never intervened.


Martin also said that O'Neill was present when teammates made sexual references about his sister, something he found offensive.

Martin maintained that Kevin O'Neill, the Dolphins head trainer, also heard such remarks and even laughed at them from time to time. On one occasion, according to Martin, O'Neill pulled him aside and told him he was too nice and needed to stand up for himself more.

But perhaps most relevant is this line, which isn't expounded upon further:

We did not cover this specific topic in our interview with O'Neill, which was cut short because O'Neill expressed hostility toward our investigation.


What O'Neill's firing almost certainly means is that the Dolphins are already moving to act on the contents of Wells's report, and at least in this case, without waiting for disciplinary recommendations from the NFL. Expect more action soon.