Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall's Wife Allegedly Stabs Him, But He Claims He Fell Onto A Broken Glass Vase

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As referenced earlier, Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall is in an intensive care unit, where he's recovering from a stab wound to the stomach. Per the Miami Herald, his blushing new bride Michi Nogami-Marshall was arrested last night on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in a domestic dispute, according to Broward Sheriff's Office inmate records.

According to a BSO report Nogami-Marshall "armed herself with a kitchen knife" and stabbed Marshall in the abdomen. But Marshall, 27, gave police a different version of events, claiming he slipped on broken glass.

"The victim provided sworn testimony advising that he slipped and fell onto a broken glass vase," the report states. "However, the area where the vase was broken indicated no blood within the immediate area to substantiate his claim."

Nogami-Marshall admitted stabbing her husband of a year and a half, according to the report.

"She stated she stabbed the victim out of self defense," the report states.

The couple were reluctant to give detectives additional details about the altercation. "Both the victim and defendant provided scant information regarding the incident itself," the report said.

In any event, here's a link to Essence magazine's slideshow from the loving couple's July 2010 wedding at the Art Deco Paris Theatre. Here are a couple quotes from the "gorgeous rocker-chic style" ceremony and reception, too:

"I knew Michi was the one," Brandon says. "I'm excited to have her in my life."

At the altar, Brandon whispered to his bride, "You're so beautiful." Michi wiped a tear from her groom's face. "I haven't cried like that since I was a little baby," Brandon laughs.
"I started crying myself," Michi says.

"When I come home from work and I pull up in our driveway I get caught in awe of how blessed we are," Brandon says. "To see how happy she is just makes it alright."


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