Don Cherry's Daily Sandwich Shouldn't Exist

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Don Cherry’s entire shtick is being an ostentatious hockey blowhard, and while his daily lunch is a little “out there,” its bizarreness isn’t whimsical in the slightest, although biohazards can be colorful, too. This Steve Simmons Toronto Sun column reveals Cherry’s regular lunch, which appears to be unintentionally aged:

Every day on the road is seemingly the same. It doesn’t matter what the city is or what is around him. He has breakfast in his room. Oatmeal and all-bran in a glass, put together by his wife, Luba. Before practice or a morning skate, his longtime associate Kathy Broderick brings a muffin. Lunch, in his hotel room, consists of salmon sandwiches made by his wife.

“It’s the greatest thing in the world,” said Cherry, the eccentric. “Salmon, cheese, mayo, after a couple of days the salmon soaks into the bread.”


Is this a Canadian thing? Those ingredients should be treated like the fox, goose, and bag of seed, or maybe just completely separated. Here’s one solution for an improved recipe: Throw out the mayo and never use it because it’s gross.

Cherry’s co-host Ron MacLean described the meal as “more like a pudding than a sandwich. But it is delicious.” Please stop lying, Ron.

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H/t to Erin Valois