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Don Cherry's Tentacles Are Long And Numerous

The CBC's bombastic and colorblind analyst swore up a storm at a young radio reporter, and was taken to task by another station's producer. Guess which got suspended? All you kids out wasn't Cherry.

Cherry was angered by a Toronto radio station pressing him on head injuries in hockey, after one neurosurgeon called his support for agressive play damaging to concussion awareness. Here's how he responded.


That rankled Mark Askin, a producer for Leafs TV, a cable channel unaffiliated with either the radio station or the CBC. He took to Twitter:


Keep in mind this all occurred in a pre-Kimmel-ripping-Leno world, so rival TV stations slamming each other's talent is a no-go. Askin was suspended for two games and forced to apologize. But that's not the end. The Globe And Mail was set to go with a story on Cherry's rant, when CBC Sports' VP threatened to cut off their contacts if it ran.


That's the CBC's bread and butter we're fucking with, but thankfully we're below the 49th parallel and out of the reach of their clutches.

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