Donovan McNabb, White Quarterback

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We're not Professional Sports Columnists, but we'd have to say, just to keep our noses clean, the last thing we'd mention when discussing Eagles QB Donovan McNabb would be race. We'd mention his hairline, his goatee, even his ridiculous commercials, but race? That's OK, thanks, we'll be over here at the buffet, you guys go ahead.


Apparently Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bill Conlin didn't get the memo; the first line of his column today: "For the second straight week, Donovan McNabb played like a white quarterback." Umm. He goes on to try to pretend that he's not playing in the exact same stereotypes he's allegedly debunking, but he fails, talking about McNabb's "pocket presence" and his success with the West Coast Offense. We couldn't help but notice that no one said Redskins QB Mark Brunell played "like a black quarterback" last night, even though he was scrambling for first downs late.

By the way, Conlin also perpetuates the mythical story that Doug Williams was asked during Super Bowl XXII, "How long have you been a black quarterback?" For the LAST FREAKING TIME: This Is Not True.

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