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Don't Forget About The White Sox

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In the wake of last night's lunacy, it's key to keep in mind the great story that is the Chicago White Sox who, after all, have already downloaded their genital pill ticket to this dance. (We were going for a Spam joke there, but we're not sure it worked.) No matter what happens in the NLCS, the White Sox are still the best story left in the postseason, have home-field advantage and the twisting whirlygig that is Ozzie Guillen.


Despite the best efforts of White Sox bloggers, World Series tickets sold out in 18 minutes today, though a part of us secretly thinks the Cubs owners bought them for scalping purposes. Come Saturday, the White Sox will have plenty of rest and a stadium that will be in complete disbelief that it's hosting a World Series game. It should be extremely fun. Though we still wish they'd wear the old SOX uniforms, just for Ron Kittle's sake.

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