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Don't Give Ken Griffey Jr. Any Ideas

We've got a little bit of time before the tournament action gets underway, so let's kill time with hockey. Ted Nolan, head coach of the New York Islanders got a little creative (or uncreative, I guess) by listing Rick DiPietro as suffering from "general body soreness."

DiPietro did take a shot in the head the night before, but you know, "general body soreness" could really be caused by anything. Not enough sleep, arthritis, the flu, getting trapped under a Buick, or being made love to by Shaquille O'Neal. DiPietro was able to walk, however, so I think we can rule out that last option.


If Nolan really wants to start screwing with NHL injury reports, though, I think he should try, "period is three days late," and "hot dog fingers."

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