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Don't Let The Sun Go Down On The Bird People

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Denver may or may not succeed in keeping Kobe Bryant from his eternal destiny, but at least they are making things interesting. The series heads back to Los Angeles tied at 2, but anything that keeps goofballs like Chris Andersen in the "spotlight" a little longer is okay by me.

Of course, a Denver win would also keep Rick Reilly around, but life is full of trade-offs isn't. The truth of the matter is that while ABC, ESPN, David Stern, Nike, and anyone with a t-shirt press would love nothing more than a LeBron/Kobe final, lovers of schadenfreude everywhere would love to see them both relegated to their living rooms. As interesting as the world's two superstars squaring off in their prime might be, it would also be too predictable. And predictable equals boring.

Not like a WWE match with celebrity NBA owner impersonators getting beat up. That's the kind of stuff you can never see coming!


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