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Don't Panic Just Yet, Cubs Fans

Because we are committed to the month of October affording us as little sleep as possible, we stayed up and watched the whole Cubs-Diamondbacks game last night, and we don't quite understand all the fuss about Lou Piniella pulling Carlos Zambrano after the sixth inning.

Sure, Zambrano had looked great. But so had Brandon Webb, who's the real reason Arizona won. Zambrano is notoriously fragile in the brain, and giving up the winning run might have caused him more trouble than overextending his arm might have. Also, Carlos Marmol is awesome, though he wasn't last night. It just didn't work out that way.

Do you really want a guy like the Dustbag, who can only think one game (hell, one minute) at a time, or do you want someone who can see the big picture? Lou knows, that if our hitters start hitting, there WILL be a Game 4, and we are actually set up better for Game 4 than if he wrung Zambrano out for every last pitch he had. He also knows what he has with Marmol, and maybe when the chests get tight and men reach for their nutsacks, maybe instead of reflexively reaching for Marmol, he insteads opts for Wood or Howry.


We are a bit bewildered by the histrionics of Piniella's move. Of the three teams who lost yesterday, the Cubs would seem to be in the best shape. The Phillies are down 1-0 at home, and the Angels just looked bedazzled. The Cubs lost to the best pitcher in baseball. It happens. Now if they lose tonight, it's probably time to freak out. Not that Cubs fans would ever do that.

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