Jeter DVR'd Wednesday night's AI results show, but didn't want to hear the results until he flew back to New York to watch it. SPOILER ALERT: It was the boring white guy, not the crunchy white girl who looks like she smells!

Sure enough, in an old interview, Jeter says his favorite shows are American Idol and Entourage (yeah, he's probably that type of person). Before Thursday's road trip finale in Minnesota, Jeter warned everyone ā€” teammates, reporters, clubhouse attendants ā€” "Don't say anything about American Idol. Nothing about American Idol. Nobody talks about American Idol."

During the broadcast, Kim Jones (of porkchop fame) relayed a warning from Justin Morneau, that if Jeter reached first, he was going to tell him the results. Jeter singled twice; no word if Morneau followed through on his threat.


Probably as we speak, he's catching up on the results and tearing up over the truly touching tribute to Simon Cowell. (Yes, I watched it. Wanna fight about it?) And lamenting the total lack of boneable contestants this season.

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