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Dopey Team Does Cool Thing

The Wizards, who are extremely butt, are beating the Knicks in New York Monday night. The Knicks are also extremely butt, but unlike the Wizards, they have several perfectly good excuses—Kristaps Porzingis is out, Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox are in, and Emmanuel Mudiay is starting at point guard. It says good things about you that you have chosen to do something else with your night rather than watch these bozos, but had you been watching in the third quarter, you would’ve seen this silly and cool sequence, when the Knicks turned it over and inspiration struck Markieff Morris:

There’s some basketball-knowing to be done about how the Wizards are closer to functional when Morris is awake and playing like it, but serious watchers can disagree whether following a live-ball turnover in the paint with a wild, blind, over-the-head outlet pass is an example of court awareness or not giving a shit. At any rate, it worked! Bad teams are a lot more interesting when they’re doing dumb stuff like this.

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