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Douchial Profiling: Cowboys Fan Searched At Philly Airport

It takes a certain kind of person to wear a Cowboys jersey around Philadelphia the week after Dallas knocked the Eagles out of the playoffs. A terroristic kind of person? Without knowing all the facts, we say: probably.

Philadelphia International Airport is already the tenth circle of hell, so why Alyson Galen would risk making things worse by throwing on her Jason Witten jersey before boarding a plane to Florida, I'll never know.


But she was pulled out of line by a TSA official, and patted down.

He walked up to me and said 'how's it feel to be a Cowboys fan in Philadelphia?' I did tell him 'wow,'" Galen said.

Galen said if in fact TSA screeners pulled her out of line for a search because of her Cowboys jersey and if they thought it was a joke, she is not laughing.

"People need to understand you can't joke in this day and age. People around the world are trying to hurt us as Americans and you just can't joke about that."

Close, but no cigar. People around the world are trying to hurt you as America's Team.

Passenger: TSA Targeted Me For Cowboys Jersey [CBS3]

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