Doug Anderson Won The College Dunk Contest With A 360-Degree, Between-The-Legs Jam

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Last night saw the college dunk contest at the Georgia Dome McCamish Pavilion, and while this year's edition didn't have an internet favorite like Jacob Tucker, Detroit forward Doug Anderson gave the fans what they came to see.

(A preemptive message to Dunk Truthers, who are already rushing to the comments to declare that Anderson's slam was closer to a 180° than a 360°: go away, no one likes you.)

Anderson blew through the competition, dispatching La Salle's Ramon Galloway, USC's Renaldo Woolridge, and finally Arizona State's Carrick Felix. He received perfect scores on all four of his dunks, and polished off Felix by completing the above rimshaker on his first attempt.


Seth Davis has called Anderson the "best college dunker since Jason Richardson." High praise. Here's Anderson's dunk reel, from just this season alone: