Doug Gottlieb Compares Tony Gonzalez Winning His First Playoff Game To A.C. Green Having Sex

Image for article titled Doug Gottlieb Compares Tony Gonzalez Winning His First Playoff Game To A.C. Green Having Sex

That is an actual thing that happened today. No sensational headlines or tricks. Today, Doug Gottlieb had a train of thought the nuts and bolts of which went something like: "Hey, Tony Gonzalez finally won a playoff game. Wonder if it felt better to him than A.C. Green rubbing genitals with his wife for the first time? Maybe I will bring this up today on a national platform." You can listen here.


Some context (because it actually makes this whole thing even weirder): CBS has a new sports radio property—CBS Sports Radio—that began earlier this fall and just went 24/7 in the beginning of the year. During programming on WFAN (owned by CBS) here in New York and presumably the national station as well, they've been running these "Sports Minute" clips. A host records a minute-long rant or a fun story and it is played going into and out of commercial breaks. It's basically like the Parting Shot portion of The Sports Reporters, but aired randomly throughout the day.

OK, back to Gottlieb. Doug Gottlieb apparently decided to use one of his Sports Minutes this afternoon to discuss which felt better: Tony Gonzalez's "first time" (playoff victory) or A.C. Green's "first time" (sex with a woman).

It's kind of fascinating how something like this comes to pass. At some point today Doug Gottlieb thought this one strange thought. He then said it out loud into a microphone at least once. And someone else listened, at least once, as Doug Gottlieb made his bizarre comparison. It was produced, edited and scheduled to air this afternoon and according to the email in our tips box from reader Derek it all went off without a hitch.

At various points in this hastily recreated timeline someone could have stepped in and said "Wait, what?" and no one did. Which is fine, really. It's obviously a tongue-in-cheek thing and no one is saying Doug Gottlieb should be reprimanded for it or that CBS is now trading in filth—far from it. It's just...what a weird thing to think, man.