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Doug Gottlieb Is Too Soft To Stand By His Incorrect Takes

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Here is a timeline of events:

  1. Yesterday afternoon, ESPN CBS radio human Doug Gottlieb opined on Twitter that the Warriors with Kevin Durant are a better team than they were with Harrison Barnes.
  2. A man using the handle @DavisMets replied that the Warriors would be vulnerable against teams that could punish them near the basket.
  3. Gottlieb responded to @DavisMets by saying: “Zaza, David West and Javale McGee. But they will miss Bogut’s passing.” I can’t show you this tweet because it no longer exists online. Remember this for later!
  4. The Warriors get cooked by the Spurs. In particular, their lack of muscle inside was exposed, with the Spurs collecting 21 offensive rebounds.
  5. Sometime between then and this morning, Gottlieb quietly deleted his tweet stating that the Warriors have adequate big men.

Part of being a professional sports opinion-haver is that your opinions are frequently wrong. For instance, in just the last month I personally wrote that USC was falling apart—they’re 3-1 since—and that Adam Gase made a huge mistake by agreeing to coach the Miami Dolphins, who are undefeated since that post was published.

For some reason, Doug Gottlieb was so embarrassed by a one-game refutation of his opinion about the Warriors that he felt moved to delete his tweet. Why? The world is full of great mysteries.

The tweet is below, via an emailer:


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