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Doug Gottlieb Makes Positive Contribution To Society

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If you were looking for a new derisive term for the Duke Blue Devils and were growing tired of "Dookies," Doug Gottlieb may have improved your life last night. He referred to the Duke fellas as "Floorslappers," and it already appears to be a hit.

Floorslappers. That's not bad. It's a little sarcastic, a little acerbic, without being outright profane. It might just catch on. Of course, as they point out on the KU message board, it could result in Gottlieb being fired, as everyone in Bristol appears to be contractually obligated to love Duke. I'd hate to see Gottlieb go the way of Trev Alberts.


I've never been sure how to feel about the guy. There are times when it seems like he's the only one willing to go on record with a strong opinion, and there are times when he seems so smug, and so unwilling to consider someone else's viewpoint. He's kinda like a white Stephen A. Smith.

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