Down Goes Bonds!

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We can't help thinking today about the "Seinfeld" episode in which a disgruntled boyfriend tries to insult Elaine by telling her she has a big head. At first it doesn't bother her, until birds begin slamming into her head as if it's too big to avoid. Parallels rose up and tipped their cap on Wednesday, as Barry Bonds was tagged in the melon by a foul ball during batting practice in Milwaukee. Our first thought was, how could a ball not eventually find that head? Its borders have grown steadily since 1998, until just recently it has acquired its own zip code. With another year of steroid use, Barry's head may apply for statehood.

But we kid Barry's head. What's surprising is that Bonds was on the opposite side of the batting cage netting from the hitter, rookie Kevin Frandsen. The ball apparently penetrated the mesh deeply enough to bonk Barry in the forehead. Quite a thing to happen to a 20-year-veteran. Almost inexplicable. After a few moments on the turf, Bonds actually played in the game, going 0-for-4. He will sit out today. Interestingly, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Bruce Jenkins has a theory as to why it happened: The curse of the Bambino.

"In the wake of the Boston Red Sox's breakthrough championship two years ago, many wondered what happened to the ghost of Babe Ruth. Until their beloved "band of idiots" broke the curse, Ruth's legend seemed to torment the Red Sox franchise every single year. Turns out it might have relocated in the Great Midwest. What happened to Barry Bonds on Wednesday night, in his historical pursuit of Ruth, was just plain freaky."

As for us, we're taking particular delight in Frandsen's quote: "My heart almost stopped when I realized what happened. I figured I'd come into the clubhouse and find my locker cleaned out."

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