Down Goes Chestnut! Down Goes Chestnut!

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I speak for many when I say that my faith in the order of the universe was restored on July 4, 2007 when Joey Chestnut, the heralded eater from San Jose State, traveled into the lion's den that is Coney Island and dethroned the Japanese powers that had created a gastro-intestinal stronghold there. By eating 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes, Chestnut climbed to the top of the eating world, where he would remain to this day, virtually unblemished. Until now. It was Dewey Hammond, a surely respectable person of whom I know nothing about, that challenged Chestnut to a challenge of devouring drink—specifically a pitcher of beer. For the outcome, you'll have to watch the video. Or just think back to the time when your parents told you there was no Santa Claus. The cold, hollow feelings that follow each are almost the same. Click to view

Damn you, Dewey Hammond. Now I have nothing to believe in, once again. (Thanks to Skeets, who will probably be upset by my singling him out for something besides being Canadian) Joey Chestnut Beer Chug [Hard For The Yard]