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Draymond Green Got Fined $35,000 For His Cryptic Subtweets

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After last Friday’s brouhaha between the Warriors and NBA referee Marat Kogut, and the team’s subsequent public dressing down of the officiating on the night, it was only a matter of time before Golden State got hit with the league’s fine-hammer. Today, the league handed out its punishments.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant both got hit with fines ($25,000 for Curry and $15,000 for Durant) over their critiques of Kogut following a game that featured a series of controversial calls against the Warriors, but it was Draymond Green who took the biggest hit of them all, losing $35,000 due to “making statements on social media which impugned the integrity of NBA officiating.”


Those who quickly took to Green’s Twitter account would be hard-pressed to find the incriminating evidence, but rest assured that the offending tweets have not been deleted. They are just hard to notice, because they were cryptically sent out in the early hours of Saturday morning:

Anyone with knowledge of recent NBA history, particularly when it comes to less-than-above-board refereeing, would be able to piece together that “TD” references former ref Tim Dongahy—who allegedly bet on games while working in the league—while “MK” seems to refer to Kogut, the implication being that Kogut is also a corrupt referee in the vein of the match-fixing Donahy.


But who knows? Maybe Draymond was just really excited about sharing his True Detective season 4 casting prediction: Michael Keaton.

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