Draymond Green points out problem with NBA and society

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Draymond Green spoke out about the league’s treatment of Cleveland’s Andre Drummond after a win over the Cavs.
Draymond Green spoke out about the league’s treatment of Cleveland’s Andre Drummond after a win over the Cavs.
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Draymond Green is speaking facts once again.

This time it’s about the NBA’s double standard regarding the business interests of players and organizations.

In a nearly 3-minute-long rant following their victory against Cleveland, the Golden State Warriors forward addressed what he felt like was unfair treatment of Cavaliers big man Andre Drummond.

Drummond is currently on the trading block and was apparently told that he couldn’t play in Monday night’s contest.


It was clear Green had seen enough. Green pointed out that James Harden was villainized for wanting to be traded, but if teams want to move a player, they can do whatever they want.

Granted, the NBA has fined front office executives in the past for tampering, and there have been many organizations that have been rightfully criticized for being inept.

However, Green’s bigger point about the mistreatment of players in the NBA compared to their employers is still noteworthy. We must take a careful look into what Green is saying here because it’s not only an NBA issue, it’s a societal one.


It’s a problem that is multifaceted and challenges the common ideologies many of us were taught growing up. Let’s ask ourselves why we think it’s OK for an organization to do what it pleases with a player, but when a player asks to be traded we look at them as a villain?

Is it because of our loyalty as fans? Or is it because as a society we still feel like bosses can treat their subordinates how they seem fit?


Or is it that we still secretly believe that money is the end-all-be-all in being happy and if you get paid millions you should just shut up and dribble?

Or is it that we still have a problem with Black people who have the power to change their situation whether it makes us happy or not?


Just think about if your boss shipped you away to another office and you had to leave your family and friends behind at a moment’s notice without having any input in your situation. I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy.

Or let’s say that you do ask to be relocated to another office for the sake of your happiness and that boss refuses to let you leave and then starts a heinous rumor about your work ethic that reverberates throughout the company.


These are things that have transpired in the NBA and in other professional sports that we as a society and consumer base have let slide.

When you’re taught all your life to “Keep your head down and work hard” and to “not challenge authority,” it’s easy to just look at these things as the status quo. But sometimes in life, you have to look up and call out the “Bullshit” for what it is.


That’s all Green is doing here.

Now, I’m not saying the NBA can’t trade players, but what I am saying is that there should be more care and respect dedicated to these players during these situations. The days of treating these athletes like pawns or property are over.


The league can only get away with implementing these double standards because its fan base secretly believes that neglecting the well-being of people who have an inferior position is the way business should be run.

Newsflash: Your job title has nothing to do with the way you should be treated.

It’s time for us all to take a step back and change our perspective because we are the ones that have to hold these leagues accountable.