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Drew Bennett's Glorious Two-Day Run With The Ravens

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On Friday, wide receiver Drew Bennett was healthy, rested and ready to play. So Baltimore gave him a one-year contract. Then he woke up on Sunday with a sore knee, so he retired. Didn't the Ravens call no takebacks?


The team thought they had solved their wide receiver issues by picking up a guy with one catch in 2008, who had been dumped by his previous team two years into a six-year $30 million dollar deal. They gave him a physical and the veteran minimum of $745,000, never suspecting that his bum knee would flare up less than 48 hours later. I assume he doesn't get to keep all of the money, but still ... not a bad weekend for Drew.

(Also missing from Ravens camp? Movie hero Michael Oher, who hasn't yet signed.)

The good news for Ravens fans is that Derrick Mason is maybe yet not retired yet and will probably drag his will he/won't he drama out through most of training camp, just like that other soon-to-be purple wearing dolt that everyone hates. Thus rendering my maudlin tribute to him both unnecessary and inappropriate, forever spoiling my remaining faith in heroes. Thanks, sports!


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