For the record, Saints QB Drew Brees still has a "nonexistent" relationship with his mother, so he probably didn't sign off on her recent plan to dupe Texas restaurants into paying her for the name of their own business.

The situation is a little confusing, but apparently Mina Brees, who is a lawyer in Austin, sent of a series of letters to Houston restaurant owners informing them that she had purchased their "assumed business names" from the county clerk. Her company, Chicksports Inc. (seriously?), was gracious enough to offer the names back to them for the low, low price of $20,000. This is basically like cybersquatting on a domain name, only without the fun of the internet.

Of course, things work differently in the real world. Technically, the business names do expire, but if you've already been doing business under that name then no one can make you change it. A lawyer for the restaurant owners' association said the whole thing is bunk and added, "I'm a member of the bar, and it's embarrassing for someone in our profession to do something like that." In other words, "Nice try, nut job."


Ms. Brees plan for financial glory has worked almost as well as her campaign strategy of improperly using her estranged son's face to try and get elected to the Texas Court of Appeals. It's true the rural Texan voters love anything associated with quarterbacks from New Orleans, but perhaps she should give her schemes a little more thought.


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