Drew Lock’s mom wants you to leave her baby alone

“Stop it, mom! I’m trying to be the face of a multibillion-dollar franchise”
“Stop it, mom! I’m trying to be the face of a multibillion-dollar franchise”
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Aren’t moms embarrassing? Like, they ask us questions about our underwear in front of the girl we like, they wipe food from our cheeks, and they just can’t seem to help themselves. Laura Lock, the mother of Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock is apparently no different, and also seems to think that her baby boy is still a baby boy and needs defending.


Oh, Mama Lock. Listen, I feel for you. There’s been a decent amount of voices around the sports industry criticizing your son over the past three days since it got out that the reason his team was starting a practice squad wide receiver at quarterback was because little Drew and his other quarterbacks broke protocol and weren’t wearing their masks — which, for the record, your son already admitted to and (kinda) took responsibility for. We need to break down Mama Lock’s statement here:

“Drew and the QB room requested permission to watch film. They came to the facility on their own time to put in more work. His leadership which seems to be in question by some brought them to this predicament.”

His leadership? His leadership, you say, like this situation was a sterling display of his commitment to excellence and health and to his team’s well being? No, you’re absolutely right, Mama Lock — his leadership is a huge culprit in this whole mess, because his leadership was severely lacking. Leadership, as the starting quarterback of an NFL franchise, would have been setting the example for the other quarterbacks by wearing his mask, and demanding that they do the same. That would have been leadership.

They let their guard down, they did not wear their masks the entire time they were in their socially distanced environment … it’s unfortunate - not damning.

Mama Lock, this is dangerous rhetoric you are preaching. The point of the matter isn’t that Drew felt like it was OK, or that he thought they were being safe — the point is that when at the team facilities, convening with other players, it isn’t his decision when and when not to wear his mask. There are very specific and clear protocols that need to be followed. Period. If you don’t follow the protocols, whether you feel like what you’re doing is safe or not, you don’t get to play.

Using people to make an example of a situation is wrong. The NFL used one of their own as an example — this is where the shame is.


Uh, no. Actually, punishing someone for blatantly breaking safety guidelines — meant to keep themselves, their teammates, and their families safe during a global pandemic — is exactly what the NFL should be doing. I can’t say that the league has done everything well during this situation, but I applaud them for the handling of this one. I’m sorry that your little boy didn’t get to play with his friends on Sunday, but you know what would have let him play? Wearing a damn mask. Just wear a damn mask. That’s it.

As I said, I feel for you, Mama Lock. I really do. But you need to understand something very important: there is no position in professional sports more scrutinized than the starting quarterback for an NFL franchise. Your son isn’t a child anymore — he’s a professional athlete. He will be scrutinized and held accountable for his mistakes. Trying to come to his defense and tweeting a big ol’ “leave my baby alone” just doesn’t work. Let him shoulder the burden for his mistakes.