An occasional miscellany (with a head nod toward this great old post on Runner's World's website).

Assaulted by man with "pudding bowl" hairstyle

Attacked by kangaroo

Attacked by owl (England)

Attacked by owls (Canada)

Attacked with knife

"Backside" grabbed

Bitten by Rottweiller

Breasts groped by shirtless man

Chased by intoxicated man

Concussed by cup of soda

Deer rifle pointed at

Dog-walker attacked by

Driver's license belonging to David Petraeus's lover found by

Eight-year-old boy choked by

Genitals exposed to

Hit by police car

Hit by car (three joggers)

Hit by falling tree branch during Hurricane Sandy

Hit by minivan

Injured in slingshot attack

Injured in hit-and-run with tractor trailer

Killed in crossfire of police shootout

Kissed on leg by attacker

Lied about being raped

Mistaken for kidnapper

Murder victim discovered by

Overturned car spotted by

Publicly shamed after kicking down Canadian flags on Remembrance Day

Run into by tram [VIDEO]

Scared by suspicious man

Shot with pellet gun

"Slapped on the buttocks"

Stabbed repeatedly

"Treated as a punchbag," robbed

Wallet, ring stolen