If there's one lesson we've learned this NFL season (we learn it every season, really), it's that football stadiums are the place to be if you really want to peer into the dark, drunken heart of humanity. So I am thankful for this Falcons fan, who instead of sending us off with yet another video of fans beating each other into comas, is showing us exactly how to thrive while watching your 6-9 team piss away its last shot at the playoffs.

No, you are not mistaken, this lady is twerking to U2's "Desire," an event I would have, before seeing this video, bet $100 on never occurring on this good earth. After her incongruous twerk session, she goes on to drop some real good burns. "I'm a goddamn Falcon, and I will fly over your dead motherfucking Panther ass every day, all day." Good work, extremely drunk lady. We'll see you next season.