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Drunk Golfer Tries To Drive Home In Rented Golf Cart

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A golf cart may seem safer than a regular car—especially when you've just downed 10 beers over 18 holes—but that does not mean you should try to drunk drive one home after a day on the links.


A 47-year-old Milwaukee gentleman was pulled over on Highway 157 this weekend, driving a battery-powered fairway sedan filled with empty beer cans after "a group of 'uncles'" left him behind at a local golf course. He only lived forty miles away and needed a ride, so he figured, "Why don't I just drive this rented golf cart home?" Doesn't everything make more sense after 10 beers?

After [the police officer] turned on the squad car's emergency lights and air horn, the suspect turned to wave and then pulled the cart onto the shoulder of the highway, according to the report. But the man continued driving the cart.

The deputy then used a siren, and the driver eventually stopped the cart about three-tenths of a mile south of the intersection, the report says, or about a mile from the golf course....

The man admitted that he had consumed around 10 beers while at the golf course, but that he did not believe he was intoxicated.

The suspect later told Meier that he did not know where he was at the time of the traffic stop and that "he did not even realize he was driving the golf cart on the road until he saw the squad with lights behind him," the report says.


Gee, I wonder why his "uncles" left him there. Obviously, he failed a sobriety test and was ticketed for any number of offenses. Putting up two bogeys in the final four holes when you're leading the U.S. Open will really do a number on a guy.

Driver takes to the streets - on golf cart [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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