Dude Gets Crossed Up By Hot Sauce, Then Demolished By An Alley-Oop

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Hot Sauce, cult hero of the And1 Mixtapes and so forth, has played his way back into the public eye and this website after completely murdering this one defender in a recent clip. Seriously, the defender might be dead.

He starts off against this defender, as most streetball plays do, in isolation on the wing. Hot Sizzle then jukes and humiliates his way down to the block before pulling off that dope move that somehow always works, when he looks like he’s throwing it crosscourt, but throws it straight up in the air instead, causing the defender to turn around like an imbecile and look for a pass that never happened.

The poor defender’s ankles are all over the place and he’s under the basket with no idea where the ball is, so he decides, smartly, to give up on the play. For a brief second, all is calm. Then, Sizzle finds a fellow by the nickname of the Baby LeBron—who, it must be said, is indistinguishable from Full-Grown LeBron—streaking down the lane for the alley-oop. The result is devastating.


Baby LeBron dunks over and through the poor defender’s torso and soul. Baby LeBron does the Full-Grown LeBron Big Play celebration. Fans begin to flee. One referee begins to flee. Hot Sauce’s teammates begins to flee. One, euphoric and blind, maybe, does a complete lap around the court. The victim’s teammates get so pumped that one pounds the floor out of excitement before realizing that his friend is on the ground in a puddle, and that he probably needs help getting up. There are numerous white people in the crowd. They remain seated.

Hot Sauce, it seems, is back.