Because it's Thursday, and no Thursday is complete without some toilet humor, let's take a look at the great work done for women at the Duke football stadium.

Seriously: The women's restrooms at Duke games this year โ€” since it's football, you're looking at an attendance of about 45 people โ€” will actually have attendants.

The trailers, which the university customarily rents for events related to alumni weekends, are air-conditioned and even feature an attendant, said Chris Kennedy, Duke's senior associate athletic director. "They're a lot nicer than what we have now," Kennedy said. "It's the high end, the gold standard."

The eight trailers, each of which with six stalls, will be placed around Wallace Wade Stadium near current restroom facilities. For the moment, men are out of luck: They must still brave the original facilities, which were installed with the stadium in 1929.

This is important, because if there's one thing that's important at a Duke football game, it's the bathrooms.

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