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Clemson didn't just defeat Duke last night. They didn't merely end a 12-year home-losing streak and hand them their second ACC loss. They gave the Blue Devils a humiliating, soul-searching, certifiable beatdown.


Let's add it up, shall we? The 27-point pasting was Duke's worst loss since 1997. Their impotent 47 points was their lowest output since 1994. It was their first regular season loss to Clemson in 20 games. Coach Mike Kryzewski called timeout in the final minute, just so his team could savor the delicious pain of one the school's most pathetic non-lacrosse efforts in nearly two decades.

"We just didn't compete," said Kryzewski. "Clemson out played us for 40 minutes. It was 40 minutes of them dominating. They just kicked our butt. I'm not surprised about anything tonight, Clemson is a great team. We had no chance of winning this game."


Oh, Mike. Your salty tears nourish the souls of college basketball fans everywhere. Drink it in while it lasts, folks. (Oh yeah, and I guess what ever team they played is pretty good too.)

Miami 79, Wake Forest 52: Oh, look at that ... Wake also had their butts handed to them last night. At least Duke had the decency to lose to a Top 10 team. What's your excuse for laying down in front of 5,792 fans at Miami? That's two clunkers in a row for the Deacons since they beat Duke by a bucket a week ago. [Greensboro News & Record]

Oklahoma 77, Texas A&M 71: Watch this: Oklahoma will run the Big 12 table and get the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA tourney. How's that for a big fat jinx? You're welcome, Colorado. [Oklahoman]

Michigan State 76, Minnesota 47: So the Spartans can win a game at home? I guess it's only inferior opponents they have a problem with. (still bitter) [State News]


Missouri 69, Texas 65: Missouri's Zaire Taylor pulled off a three-point play with 5 seconds left and the Tigers steal one at Texas, as the Longhorns were caught napping. I sometimes think these teams don't want to succeed. [KC Star]

Indiana 68, Iowa 60: The impossible dream has come true! [MSF]

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