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Dutch Soccer Fans Hire Stripper To Run On Field And Distract Opponents

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Black and yellow streamers fell from the sky near the Rijnsburgse Boys goal in the 12th minute of their match against AFC on Saturday, as if to announce the coming of a celebration or a gift. A gift indeed soon came, as a local stripper ran out onto the pitch wearing nothing but shoes, socks, and some body paint, fulfilling her deal with a Rijnsburgse fan group to interrupt the match by streaking in hopes of distracting the opposition:

The woman, who performs under the name “Striptease Foxy,” had draped a flag around her body that bore the initials HKR, which stands for Hard Core Rijnsburgse, the name of the fan group that employed her services for the match in the Netherlands’ third division. Unlike the more common cases of naked men disrupting a sporting event with their nudity, Rijnsburgse’s security staff didn’t feel the need to rush Foxy off the pitch. She eventually ended her short but memorable cameo by ducking back into one of the stands’ tunnel. Here are some photos:

As Foxy made her way down the length of the field, Rijnsburgse player Joel Tillema opened his arms toward her in a joking way as if welcome her closer to him. Foxy didn’t seem to notice this at first, but once she did, she jogged over toward Tillema and, as the kids used to say, backed it up on him. With his bluff called, Tillema could only smirk and raise his hands in the “I don’t want any part of that” gesture. Tillema explained the interaction after the match, as reported by Leidsch Dagblad:

“I think she wanted me to hit her buttocks. But I thought: do not let that happen, otherwise I will have a fight at home,” says the midfielder of Rijnsburg Boys with a slight twinkle in his eyes. “She looked good, I say so honestly.”


Raily Ignacio of AFC concurred with Tillema on Foxy’s attractiveness. “Shit, what beautiful breasts,” Ignacio replied when asked about the streaker in a postgame interview. “Unbelievable.”

Alas, if the Rijnsburgse fans who hired Foxy intended to knock AFC off their game so that the Boys could steal a point or three from the league leaders, the ploy failed. When Foxy stepped onto the pitch in the match’s 12th minute, AFC had already scored. By the final whistle, AFC won handily by a score of 6-2. It seems that Striptease Foxy was the only Rijnsburgse fan who earned their paycheck that day.

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