Roma are set to host Feyenoord later today in the Europa League, so it stands to reason that a bunch of Dutchmen would show up to cheer on their boys. What's unfortunately just as predictable is that the rival fans would bring, along with their support, the motherfucking ruckus.

The video above was taken from last night's clash with police. You can see hundreds of Feyenoord fans standing around downtown Rome, some hurling bottles at cops, picking fights, chucking anything they can lift at cars and into storefronts, lighting fires, and dumping trash all over the place. Roman police reportedly arrested 12 fans last night.


The Dutchmen were not chastened. The rioting has continued today, this time focused mainly around the Spanish Steps. There, there has been more fighting with police, more vandalism, and more general insanity. Here are some pictures of the madness:

At least 20 more Feyenoord fans have been arrested today. This has not been a good week for soccer fans.

Photos via AP