Dwight Howard Ejected On Perhaps The Flimsiest Double Technical Foul Ever

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What you see there, somewhere, is Dwight Howard's second technical foul of the day—second technical foul of the first half, even—and so, the referees had to send him packing. Their hands were tied, it's a rule. Howard appears to get tangled up with the Raptors Alan Anderson after a Metta World Peace—who hilariously played the role of voice of reason in the aftermath—free throw.

Both Howard and Anderson were given technical fouls for, I guess, purposely exchanging elbows with some underlying tension. Unfortunately for Howard, the referee's quick trigger finger resulted in his second ejection of the year.

The Lakers were obviously upset with the call, Howard was finished with five points and 1:18 remaining in the second quarter and the Lakers lost to the Toronto Raptors 108-103. Kobe was pissed. D'antoni was pissed. World Peace was aggrieved, yet understanding.

"That technical was bad," he said. "That technical, I think it was a mistake. That's OK. (The referees) made a mistake. They made a mistake today giving Dwight the tech because the other guy (Anderson) initiated it."


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