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Dwight Howard, Enjoying His Youthful Years

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You know how we know that the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard is just starting to break the ceiling of NBA stardom? He's hanging out with porn stars. Specifically, amply bosomed former gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey, who tells the story of meeting Howard in a Luke Is Back, apparently a well-read porn blog.

[Mary's] voice is wrecked from too much drinking and not enough sleeping. "I've missed four flights. I'm stuck in Florida. "I went back to Chris Kirkpatrick's house. I got myself in a sticky situation because I mentioned where Chris Kirkpatrick lives. Dwight Howard just showed up at the door [at 4 a.m.]. ...

"Dwight Howard came over with one of his friends. Mary stranded him. She didn't want Chris to be mad at her and didn't want Dwight to be mad at her. She was talking to both. Dwight came over and didn't know anybody but Mary. She left him in the front hallway. 'Amelia, keep him busy while I go see if Chris is mad.' Dwight seemed really shy. He was texting on his cell phone. He definitely wasn't mad. Everybody involved was just confused. She was telling people's secrets. She was telling me to run over and ask Chris this and that."


Howard, who will be 21 next month, ended up not meeting up with Carey, but he did leave her tickets to the Magic game. Sadly, they were only in the ninth row; better luck next time, Mary!

Mary Carey Parties With N'Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick & Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard [Luke Is Back] (third of the way down the page)


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