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Well, that settles that, then: Arbitrator Richard Bloch has ruled against Terrell Owens, whose suspension will remain throughout the rest of the season. It has come to the point that the Eagles, frankly, will take any victory they can right now.

Owens' SUPER BIGTIME IMPORTANT HISTORY MAKER agent Drew Rosenhaus has been silent so far, but, of course, we all know that won't last very long. The best part about this is that it's now possible that the Eagles will ask Owens to return $2 million of his signing bonus. So, if you're all good at math and stuff, means that not only will Owens not get the rest of the money from his contract, he might have to give back some of what he's already "earned."


Remember that trick in school, where one guy would crouch behind another one, and then a third guy would shove him backwards, forcing him to fall over? That's kind of what happened to T.O. and Rosenhaus here. The good news? There is absolutely no way anyone is going to be talking about this anymore.

Ha. Sorry. We kid.

Eagles Win Arbitration Case [NBC10]

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