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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Nate Sudfeld entered the Eagles’ playoff-clinching 24-0 win over Washington yesterday after Nick Foles got hurt and threw just one pass. It was a 22-yard TD toss to Nelson Agholor, the first touchdown throw of Sudfeld’s career.

After scoring, Agholor promptly gave the ball to a kid in the front row wearing a Nick Foles jersey. Whoops! That was Sudfeld’s first NFL touchdown pass. He wanted that ball. And he’d get it back.

Per Les Bowen and Zach Berman in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Yeah, I felt pretty bad, but I went up to the kid and his dad and I was like, ‘Hey it’s my first touchdown, is there any way we can switch you out?’ So we ended up getting him another ball. They were really nice about it,” Sudfeld said. “But I really wanted to keep the first touchdown pass.”


Fortunately for the kid, he got that other football—and some television airtime!

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