The East Lansing Police Department uploaded this picture—which appears to be a photo of a television—to its Facebook page requesting information about the dude holding the "Burn The Couch" sign at the Big Ten Championship, some 254 miles away.

Following Sparty's upset of Ohio State Saturday night, a couch was burned in East Lansing, among other things, but it sounds like the dozen or so police sent out to manage the 1,000 couch-burners had things under control.

Police in a statement said no one was injured and no tear gas or other chemical agents were used to disburse revelers. They did not release the number of arrests, nor say whether any of the arrested people were students or otherwise affiliated with the university.

Wearing riot gear, more than a dozen East Lansing police officers closely watched as more than a thousand people celebrated the Spartans' football victory amid two fires at Cedar and River streets, near campus. They made no attempts to break up the group.

It's being called a "large civil disobedience," so it's unclear why ELPD is now taking to Facebook to suss out this guy. Maybe it's unrelated to actual couches burning and he is a criminal mastermind who used the sign as secret message. To start the revolution.

h/t Joshua