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As disappointed as some of us might be that we didn't get our LeBron-Wade Eastern Conference Final, we have a feeling it'll end up happening someday, somehow. Let's not get greedy just yet. Let's just watch to see if those workmanlike Pistons โ€” who, for all their lack of popularity today, were America's Team when they beat the Lakers โ€” try to stop Shaq from winning one ... last ... title. (Not to mention Pat Riley.)

Here's some predictions from around the Web ...

โ€ข YAYSports!: Heat in six.
โ€ข J.E. Skeets: Pistons in six.
โ€ข Complete Sports: Pistons in seven.
โ€ข Chris Sheridan: Heat in six.
โ€ข True Hoop: Heat in seven.
โ€ข Deadspin: Pistons in five. We think the wakeup call happened, and we remember how the Heat struggled with the Bulls. Still, we'll confess, we always root for Shaq.

Let's hear 'em in the comments, folks, and enjoy the games tonight.